Hacking into a Jeep

Watch the video in this Wired article “Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It.” Two security researchers tap into a Jeep via the Internet. From a house miles away from the Jeep (which means anywhere) they disable the Jeep’s engine, as well as control various other functions. This is scary.

We are not ready for the Internet of Things.

Harvard student loses Facebook internship after pointing out privacy flaws

From Boston.com:

Three months ago, Harvard student Aran Khanna was preparing to start a coveted internship at Facebook when he launched a browser application from his dorm room that angered the social media behemoth.

Khanna exposed a frightening lack of security. Facebook messages contain geolocation data. Facebook Messenger has been out since 2011 and they only now told users and provided a way to turn it off. This is an appalling lack of concern for users’ privacy and security.

His firing seems petty and vindictive. But Khanna has a good perspective. He accepted a different internship and said he learned a lot from the Facebook experience. I think we all did.

Improve your commute by hacking traffic lights

This paper presents an opportunity for a killer app.

I am leery of the Internet of Things because (a) security is hard and (b) too little time is given to it. The latter is an over-generalization. But most solutions are delivered incomplete because too few resources are available or allocated. The result is essentially all software is vulnerable to attack.

This is the primary reason I am nervous about the Internet of Things.