CSC 568

Enterprise Storage Architecture

Taught S07, S08, S09, S11, S12, S14, S15, S16,  S17, S18.

Society is experience rapid growth in data collection in every sector of life. This information explosion we are experiencing is effecting every aspect of our lives. Data management has become a mission-critical task for nearly all businesses. The rapid increase in demand for storage is driving technological innovation. Consequently, it is creating demand for expertise in storage systems.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to data storage systems. It will cover all storage systems from an individual disk to an enterprise-level storage-area network. This course discusses areas of data management, including performance, availability, and recovery.

Some details.

  • The course will have several programming projects.
  • Written homework assignments will supplement the programming.
  • The course will have guest speakers from local industry on occasion.
  • The will be up to three field trips to local laboratories and data centers.