My Office

My office is located in the building creatively named EB II. The address is 890 Oval Drive.

Directions from the airport to building and parking garage

  1. Take I-40 East (~10mins).
  2. Take Exit 295, Gorman Street.
  3. At the stoplight at the bottom of the exit ramp turn left onto Gorman Street.
  4. Go to Avent Ferry Road (3rd stoplight) and take a right (Hardees will be on your left, an apartment building on your right).
  5. Go to Varsity Drive (2nd stoplight) and take a right. This is the entrance to NCSU Centennial Campus. Here is a map of the campus.
  6. Continue on Varsity Drive to the end (Partners’ Way) EB II is the building directly in front of you. Shown here on Google Maps.
  7. Park in the parking garage: turn left (onto Partner’s Way) and enter the third garage, which is a pay lot.
  8. The first building you see coming out of the garage is the BioTech building. EB II is behind it.

Directions from street to my office

  1. Enter EB II.
  2. Go to the CSC department main office (3320), which is on the 3d floor in the East Wing overlooking the atrium.
  3. From the main office, head down the hallway.
  4. Turn right at the first opportunity (about 30′ down the hall).
  5. My office is 2d door on left: Room 3292, phone 919-513-7196.