Wow! Both courses I’m teaching filled up almost immediately. This is good and bad. Good: I must be teaching the right subjects. Bad: I have to turn away many students.

If you wanted to get into a course and couldn’t that is regretful and I empathize with you. Unfortunately, each course has a limit. Registration is controlled by the registrar and policy set by the dept, college, and university. I do not have any control of this process. If you have any questions or requests, please direct them to the dept grad office, csc-gradoffice@ncsu.edu.

Your only option is to get on the wait list and hope that enough students drop the course. I do not know whether that will happen, but in the past about 10% of those that initially enroll drop the course. If you are not on the wait list, I believe you can set up an alert in MyPack to let you know if space opens up on the wait list.