Why is there no off switch?

Yes, I know another rant about lack of privacy. But it does matter.

Currently, as Mr. Sanger says, no hard-wired power-interruption switch is available on ANY portable electronic device I can think of off hand. […] Therefore, when you see an entire industry doing something bad, you must immediately follow the money. Clearly, there’s money being made from spying on customers and selling the data.

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Storm Clouds Over Tulsa

I know a some people who graduated from Tulsa. I developed a fondness for that U over time. This is a sad story about its demise. The closing of universities has long been predicted. Unfortunately, the predictions are coming true.

A Harvard Business School professor recently predicted that up to half of all American colleges and universities will go bankrupt in the next ten to 15 years. While this may be a worst-case scenario, universities have for years been offering an increasingly inferior product at unsustainably high prices to an ever-more skeptical group of prospective students.

Why I hate Apple: reason++

You cannot download free software from the app store onto your laptop with out a credit card on file. The status of my CC changed. The app store refused to let me download free software until I corrected the data for my CC. Apple does not want me to be a friend. I don’t even feel like a customer. My grocer makes me feel good about going to their store. Even the minimum-wage employees are friendly. But in nearly everything dealing with Apple, I feel like a bank account because to Apple I am only a source of revenue.