Professor of the Year

From Critical Theory, we present the professor of the year. Samples:

  • ‘“I hate students,” he said, “they are (as all people) mostly stupid and boring.”‘
  • ‘”[I]f you don’t give me any of your shitty papers, you get an A. If you give me a paper I may read it and not like it and you can get a lower grade.” He received no papers that semester.’
  • ‘Zizek would fill up his sign-up sheet for office hours with fake names to avoid student contact.’

Why do departments and universities put up with this? Priorities are so out of whack at many schools. No one can be good enough in other areas to compensate for this. Furthermore, it is almost a given that he is not as good as he could be (nor as good as he thinks he is) because one necessary condition for learning is humility. You cannot learn anything if you already know it all.